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Brackenwood is my second favorite Universe, next to Star Wars. Looking forward to learning more about the rest of the inhabitants of this wonderful world you've created.

As usual, Miller's music really gives extra life to your work. I wanted to ask if you were still planning on releasing the music he made for Dashkin? That's the reward I had original pledged for before the project perished on Kickstarter.

chluaid responds:

Yes! Lee's in the process of releasing all his Brackenwood music, including the Dashkin stuff. Sorry you had to wait this long. I added his Soundcloud link to the description above.

what the shit..

This is pathetic! I can't believe i found it funny!

I love it!

Pooing out babies!

The lyrics don't have to rhyme to make the song awesome!

And this one... is awesome.
Think this video and song points out the fact that Auto-tune makes anything sound awesome. Even a song about pooing out babies? Oo

This song is awesome. And catchy!

Man i need to expand on my adjectives. Awesome. Awesome.

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This game

is literally shit haha. I played it for a few minutes enjoying the splat sound but couldn't be bothered to continue :( Im gonna give you a 10 / 10 for your *Edit* though it made me laugh out loud!

*EDIT* we actually came up with this idea when we were outside actually throwing rocks at dog shit.

Fun game

Digging the colors and the music. Even though both games are completely different in every way, this game reminded me of sonic! The back ground, design of the obstacles your running over, music, the colors, the way the guy moves, rolls and speeds up, even down to his spiky blue hair and lightning blue trainers all made me think of Sonic. Awesome game man, quite addictive!

Tryin' to get back, Back to the past, Samurai Jack

Woot, My first Review on Newgrounds! (Not interesting i know)

I found this game pretty awesome, Since ive been playing a lot of games on the Nintendo DS lately, and would Love to see this piece of kick ass brought out for it lol.
Reminded me of the awesome Samurai Jack series. Loved It!

The only problems i really encountered were:
The repetitive music (though it was still pretty cool).
The same characters used over (though thats understandable enough)
and during the last boss fight, i think my Samurai's underpants got caught on a Spear or something, because i was stuck to the floor running on the spot, and i wasn't taking damage. I couldn't complete the game and was forced to X out :(

Anyway, still not the most amazing game on NG, but worthy enough to make me write a review! 10/10 from Me. Bring on the NDS version! \o/

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I love the first 25 minutes of this song, at least that's how long i thought it was till i realised it was looping!

tigger888 responds:

O_O.... Must.... Make longer then!! Thanks!! I want to make a more hard hitting dubstep track!


I Heard this from your link over on OC Remix.org i had no idea it was on Newgrounds, but now that i do im giving you a 10/10 and a 5/5 :)

I agree with Meran thats the main melody of the battle theme is hard to hear, but disagree on the fact that its not there entirely. Any fan of the battle theme can hear it in this and its awesome. It really does add a cinematic feel to it kinda.
Also, like some of the reviews on OCRemix said, you need to make this longer and build more on it :) Im gonna be keeping my eyes and ears out on you BR cause you have some talent here.

You could have a go at another version of this song with the orchestra instruments sounding a lot more powerful, with an explosive sounding percussion behind it, and a little more of the battle melody blasting out over the top and i think you'd have yourself another awesome piece right there.

Downloading this, adding you to favorites :) Hope to hear more from you in the future BR, more pieces sounding like this please haha.

Hope you like the review! You deserve all the 10/10's and 5/5's you get :)


I'm going to give you 7 / 10 and a 4 / 5 for this piece. Im going to be honest and say its not the most amazing thing i've heard on the DnB portal today, but you get the score and the review cause at about 0:20 and especially 01:13 this piece reminds me of music from The Terminator for the MegaDrive and i was just thinking about that game before i listened to this :o Freaky!

Thanks for the nostalgia :)

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Took me a while of repeating to understand the UED-8 (you eeediot) part. Love it.


Those greens and blues are just so damn beautiful

Bobfleadip responds:

Thanks a lot! :D


Love the color of the background, reminds me of a really tasty, sour sweet :D

oh and here..... © ®
Thought you'd might like to copy and paste these for future authors comments :D

Kero-the-boy-killer responds:

Ah thank you for those @_@ I need to go figure out how to do those on my own

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